Equipo Moove


Our people are one of the main pillars of the business and are the ones who make it possible for us to be the leading company in the VTC sector in Spain. Meet some of the testimonials collected from the members of our team, the people who make up Moove Cars.

I have been working at Moove Cars for 3 years and it is a very good company, they are very easy to work with.

Madrid Driver

For me, talking to drivers is very important, it is necessary to do our daily work well. Our people are the most important thing.

Office Manager

Our work in the company is essential, since we are the ones who solve the doubts of the drivers when they arise at specific moments.

Attention to the driver

I really enjoy my work and especially doing it with such diverse, young, and cheerful people. There is a very good working atmosphere.

Human Resources technician

My job is to ensure that the drivers do their job well and to help them at critical moments.

Traffic Manager

Thanks to the opportunity I was given, I can have a secure job according to my needs.

Seville Driver

For me, making my work and personal life compatible was very important, and thanks to the flexible hours offered by Moove, it is possible.

Málaga Driver

It is very gratifying to see new drivers and colleagues joining Moove Cars every day. Our team is growing every day.

Driver trainer

I am a 24-hour teleoperator for driver service at Moove Car, it was a job that I had not developed and after several years, I feel very fulfilled and constantly learning.

Driver service teleoperator

Working as a driver has helped me to grow professionally and personally. I recommend it to those who are undecided.

Madrid Driver

If you like driving and interacting with people, this is a very enjoyable job. The atmosphere with colleagues is quite good.

Seville Driver

Internal promotion within Moove Cars is a reality. In two years I have been able to improve my job and I am very happy for the opportunity.

Office operator

Working in the selection, hiring and training of drivers is very rewarding because you are in contact with the operational area.

Human Resources technician- Drivers

Working in the mobility area is very enjoyable and fulfills my dream of driving different cars and getting them to their destination.

Logistic operator

It is very rewarding to be part of the growth of the company where every day I get to meet great people who add value to my work.

Recruitment technician