Moove Cars

We are Moove Cars, the leading company specialized in the acquisition and management of fleets of urban transport vehicles with driver (VTC) in Spain. Since our foundation in 2018, we have been promoting sustainable and efficient mobility for society in the cities where we are present.

Currently, we have more than 6,000 employees who provide urban passenger transportation services through the UBER platform. We personally select our employees and train them to carry out their work in the safest and most efficient manner. Annually, complementary courses are given to help them improve their day-to-day work, both in driving and customer service.

The mission, vision and values of the company are very present in our work, they are our guide to give the best service to our customers and to our own employees.

Somos la compañía líder especializada en la adquisición y gestión de flotas de vehículos de transporte con conductor (VTC) en España. Desde nuestros inicios en 2018, promovemos la movilidad sostenible y eficiente de la sociedad en las ciudades donde tenemos presencia.  

Actualmente, contamos con más 4.800 empleados que prestan servicio de transporte urbano de pasajeros a través de la plataforma UBER. Nos encargamos personalmente de la selección de nuestro personal y les formamos para que desarrollen su trabajo de la manera más segura y eficiente. Anualmente, se imparten cursos complementarios que les ayudan a mejorar en su día a día, tanto en la conducción como con el trato al cliente. 

La misión, visión y valores de la compañía están muy presentes en nuestro trabajo, son nuestra guía para dar el mejor servicio a nuestros clientes y a los propios empleados. 


To be the leading VTC fleet acquisition and management company.


To provide a quality service to society for a safe and efficient mobility, through excellence in the provision of our services.


Excellence | Integrity | Responsibility | Diversity


In Moove Cars, we strive to be more efficient and effective by implementing continuous and innovative improvements in our processes in order for our employees to offer the best service and customer care.

We provide personalized attention, online and through a call center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have our own body and paint workshops, as well as an ecological car wash center. We have agreements with gas stations throughout Spain and we have electric charging centers for our vehicles and for the electromobility transportation of our employees.

Online Office

In-house workshop

Own washing center

Operations Center

Personalized service

Agreement with fueling centers

24/7 Attention

Electric load centers

Parking for scooters and motorcycles

Our commitment to the environment

At Moove Cars, we are environmentally conscious and we are committed to carrying out our work while reducing the impact we can have on ecosystems.

For this reason, all our fleets are currently hybrid and electric, in order to reduce CO² emissions. As part of our short and medium-term objectives, we have set the goal that 100% of our fleet in Madrid will be electric by 2030.


At Moove Cars we are focused on the selection, promotion and hiring of our staff, focusing on their value and professional capacity.

We promote equality and opportunities among candidates, as well as people in the company, always ensuring compliance with respect, non-discrimination, harassment or bullying.

We are a company that cares about the integration of people with disabilities, that is why we have the Moove Integra program, and we promote work-life balance.

The Code of Ethics is a mandatory regulation for internal and external employees of Moove Cars. It contains the fundamentals of the code of conduct for employees. Any doubt, suggestion or non-compliance can be communicated through the Ethics Channel.

We ensure compliance with Health and Safety standards by providing employees with the necessary equipment for their performance, as well as training employees with the appropriate training for the proper performance of their duties.